About Us

Zennova Pharmaceuticals Group is an international pharmaceutical company registered in Cayman, driven by innovative research and development. We have excellent product development technology and world-class quality products . Weprovide  superior value of world-class medicines to our patients . Our strategy focus on global research and development, manufacturing in China, and serving global markets.  We are  focusing on four major therapeutic areas:ophthalmology, virology, cardiovascular and oncology.  We currently have R&D and production facilitiesin New York, New Jersey, and Chengdu, China. Our State-of-The-Art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Chengdu Tianfu International Biotown is designed to qualify US FDA, EU EMA, and China cGMP standards. It is set up to meet world-class  quality standard for all dosage forms of medicines. It includes various oncology drugs, sterile eye drops products, central nervous system medicines  , and other complex formulation drugs. Our products are to be sold to the US, Europe, China and other global markets.

5 Years

Make every effort to build a full dosage form international preparation center, with product sales targeting the Chinese, American, and global markets

10 Years

Perfectly solve the worldwide problem of replacing in vivo clinical endpoint with in vitro consistency evaluation, and successfully develop a blockbuster product for the treatment of Dry eye syndrome

20 Years

Intensive cultivation and meticulous cultivation have achieved significant original technological achievements, and the world has an exclusive platform for new drug development patent technology

Technology Platform

The globally innovative LiquPuls™ new drug development technology platform can significantly improve the bioavailability and reduce the toxic side effects of all known insoluble and insoluble drug molecules. We have an international leading position in new drug screening, drug research and development, and process exploration.