Zennova Pharmaceuticals Completed a Series A Fund Raising


Zennova Pharmaceuticals (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. ("Zennova Pharmaceuticals") has successfully completed its Series A fund raising of tens of millions of RMB from Dyee Capital, the lead investor, and Saiying Capital, the co-investor, on August 23, 2021. This investment aims to expedite the company's development of ophthalmic, anticancer, antiviral, and cardiovascular drugs.


Since its inception in 2018, Zennova Pharmaceuticals has been operating in both China and the United States. The company takes pride in its top-tier international team of experts, with members from esteemed pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Merck, and Teva. With 25 years of multinational management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the company's founders boast a successful track record of ventures both domestically and internationally. The leadership team has led numerous NDA and ANDA drug approvals and launches in the United States.

Additionally, the Chengdu Manufacturing Plant and R&D Centre, which meets FDA and EU requirements, have successfully completed the phase 1 construction spanning 30,000 square meters.

Zennova Pharmaceuticals’ Key Milestones

September 2018: Zennova Pharmaceuticals successfully completed a RMB 90 million angel round fund raising.

December 2018: Zennova Pharmaceuticals obtained an exclusive global license to its proprietary LiquiPuls™ Pulsatile Micro Dialysis (PMD) technology platform, enabling the development of complex formulation ophthalmic drugs and improved formulations of branded drugs.

March 2020: Zennova Pharmaceutical' U.S. subsidiary secured a 20-year collaboration and licensing agreement with Bausch Health (Stock: BHC), a leading global ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, for Zenno-01. As part of this agreement, Zennova Pharmaceutical received a milestone payment from Bausch.


About Dyee Capital

Dyee Capital's management team possesses extensive experience in investment, investment banking, and relevant industries. This comprehensive expertise enables them to prioritize investments in healthcare, information services, and consumer upgrades, providing specialized post-investment services in these sectors. Within the healthcare industry, Dyee Capital has invested in several industry-leading and innovative companies, including Suzhou Zelgen Biopharmaceuticals (China Shanghai: 688266), Shanghai Allist Pharmaceuticals (China Shanghai: 688578), InventisBio, Ionova, Elpiscience, YL-Pharma, Huiying Medical Technology, Percutek Therapeutics, Manteia Technologies, Spacegen, SceneRay, Genepoint Biological Technology.


About Shining Capital

Shining Capital was jointly initiated and established by a prominent pharmaceutical listed company, a state-owned financial platform, and a dedicated pharmaceutical industrial zone. Headquartered in Yizhuang, Beijing, Shining Capital specializes in pharmaceutical, health and life science investments. It currently holds the position of vice president at the Beijing Venture Capital Alliance Biomedical Specialized Committee and manages capital in the range of billions of RMB.


About Zennova Pharmaceuticals

Zennova Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage global pharmaceutical company focused on high-value ophthalmic products. Zennova develops high-barrier complex emulsion and suspension drugs directed at established large markets utilizing proprietary technologies and know-how that deliver exclusivity and premium pricing.