Zennova Pharmaceutical invited to attend the 2021 Tianfu Intellectual Property Summit in Chengdu


On September 23, 2021, the 2021 Tianfu Intellectual Property Summit took place in Chengdu, with notable attendees including Luo Qiang, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Gan Shaoning, Deputy Director of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, and Liu Hua, Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization China Office. During the summit, Zennova Pharmaceuticals was invited to participate and signed a contract for a high-level talent pharmaceutical research and development collaboration project, in partnership with the head of the Chengdu branch of Zhejiang Commercial Bank. This project stood out as the sole pharmaceutical initiative in the signing ceremony.


Mr. Li Yali, General Manager of Zennova Pharmaceuticals in China, on the stage in the signing ceremony

Since inception in 2018, Zennova Pharmaceuticals has been operating in both China and the United States. The company boasts a top-tier international team of experts with members from renowned pharmaceutical companies like Roche, Merck, and Teva. With 25 years of multinational management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the company's founders have a successful track record of ventures both domestically and internationally. The leadership team has led numerous NDA and ANDA drug approvals and launches in the United States.


At Zennova Pharmaceuticals, innovation is the driving force for development, and the company firmly believes in safeguarding innovation through intellectual property protection. Since its inception, the company has been committed to creating, safeguarding, and leveraging intellectual property. Zennova holds several patents, including the globally pioneering LiquiPuls™ technology. Building on this foundation, the company is currently researching a portfolio with over ten product varieties, and its core flagship product is expected to obtain FDA approval and be launched in the United States next year. This milestone will be followed by the introduction of a series of new products to fill domestic gaps and benefit patients worldwide, showcasing Zennova's commitment to society's well-being.


About Zennova Pharmaceuticals

Zennova Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage global pharmaceutical company focused on high-value ophthalmic products. Zennova develops high-barrier complex emulsion and suspension drugs directed at established large markets utilizing proprietary technologies and know-how that deliver exclusivity and premium pricing.