Zennova Pharmaceutical is recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise


Zennova Pharmaceutical (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zennova") has successfully achieved the esteemed status of "The National High-Tech Enterprises" in 2022, solidifying its reputation for exceptional innovation in research and development. This recognition places Zennova among a select group of high-growth enterprises. Zennova remains dedicated to research and development, steadfastly pursuing its position as a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, and talent-intensive high-tech innovative enterprise, all while maintaining a global perspective.

Since establishment in 2018, Zennova has been operating in both China and the United States, employing top-tier international teams and consistently increasing R&D investments in cutting-edge technology platforms. The pivotal LiquPuls™ platform represents a significant technological breakthrough, overcoming long-standing regulatory and technical challenges that have afflicted the industry for years, effectively addressing multiple technological gaps in the pharmaceutical sector.

About Zennova Pharmaceuticals

Zennova Pharmaceuticals is a development-stage global pharmaceutical company focused on high-value ophthalmic products. Zennova develops high-barrier complex emulsion and suspension drugs directed at established large markets utilizing proprietary technologies and know-how that deliver exclusivity and premium pricing.