Patent situation

Zennova has conducted research and development on a series of high barrier ophthalmic drugs by LiquiPuls®. One of the heavyweight products is expected to be approved and launched in the United States in 2023, marking the entry of Chinese pharmaceutical companies into the global advanced ranks in the field of ophthalmic drugs. According to the material thermodynamics phase equilibrium theory and the material diffusion theory, LiquiPuls® solves the monitoring problem of material distribution and migration in the micro environment perfectly. Through this technology, it can be widely applied to the development of 505b1 and 505b2 . The company has applied for multiple invention patents and new utility patents around the development, application, and technical protection of LiquiPuls® .



Technology Platform

World's Leading Nano-Drug Delivery Platform LiquiPuls® + BioCarrier™

  • 01. PMD patented technology

    Original technology platform in the United States, with a continuous development process of 20 years. Innovative technology d on the Balance theory of material thermodynamics, the theory of material diffusion, and the principle of pulsed microdialysis (PMD)

    Solved the monitoring industry challenges of material distribution and migration in the micro environment

    In both homogeneous and heterogeneous liquids, complex physical, biological, and physiological system environments can monitor the release, distribution, and migration of small molecule drugs and biological macromolecular preparations

    Instant, accurate, reliable, and microscopic

  • 02. Microsphere coating technology

    Combination formulas of different drugs

    Combination formulas with different release mechanisms

    This type of product has a large number, high market value, and a long lifespan Adderall ® Taking the series as an example, although patent protection has long expired, the sales in the US market last year were still $1.2 billion

  • 03. Slow and controlled release technology

    Improving drug applicability - optimizing treatment outcomes,

    There are a large number of such products with high market value

    Tecfidera ® For example, the US market sales in the past 12 months were approximately $4 billion.

  • 04. Nanoparticle technology

    Improving bioavailability and reducing individual differences in patients' impact on drug efficacy

    Currently, there are only four nano oral formulations in the US market, with sales of approximately $400 million last year

    There is a lot of room for Product development. We have technical reserves to develop new drug NDA d on this technology

  • 05. Optimize administration

    Reduce mutual interference between drugs

    Reducing the interference of human drug resistance on drug absorption

    Due to the high technical difficulty of this type of product, there are not many options available. Developing new dosage forms d on this technology has significant market value

    Colcrys alone ® For example, the sales volume in the US market is approximately $350 million

  • 06. Technology Platform BioCarieer™

    Guiding the direction of bioavailability-enhancing designs: Improved bioavailability > 5 Times

    Increased human brain tissue drug concentration > 10 Times

    Drug absorption interferences: 0